San Francisco escort

Being one of the most popular Californian cities, San Francisco has something to offer to everyone. Coming to the most densely settled large city in California, all the adults know where to go sightseeing in the day, and where to relax and have fun in the night.

There is no doubt, that the Golden Gate Bridge, former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary and Chinatown are the San Fran's most popular spots at the daytime, but what about the time, when the sun goes down?

Other side of San Fran

The night life of a modern big city like San Francisco is not just restaurants and bars, theaters and operas, and not just the sleepless work of thousands and thousands of taxi drivers, policemen and hospital workers. In the very city center, on the dirty and somewhat not the safest streets of Tenderloin, just a few blocks south of the respectable Union Square, hundreds of "adult service workers" crush the streets, trying to lure potential clients.

However, in the state of California "the oldest profession" is officially forbidden, hence, quite often so-called "call girls" are caught, arrested and even sometimes robbed on the daily basis, and if one wants to have fun with a "night butterfly" from the street, he's risking to get caught by police and pay somewhat of a high fine.

But, there is of course a red-light district, situated at the North Beach. It is home for numerous strip and night clubs (Garden of Eden, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, Little Darlings etc.), erotic massage parlors and "love hotels". But now, being afraid to get caught, less and less people attend such places.

San Francisco escort — a safer option?

According to the growing tendency, more and more adult service workers advertise online (both former girls from the streets, as well as VIP female companions), becoming San Fran escorts. This really is a much safer option for the girls, as well as for their clients. There is no risk of being arrested on the streets and clients can choose a girl from hundreds of escorts online, without leaving their apartment. Such ads contain all the necessary information about the girls, their real (mostly verified) photos and contact info. Hence, both sides win in this situation.