New York escorts

When visiting New York, get ready for the best time of your life! Why? There are thousands of reasons to call NYC the most fun city in the US, because everyone knows, that the Big Apple never sleeps.

There are lots of places to go and to see. And that's the thing about this city — you will always be able to find your perfect place or a perfect person to have fun with. Just think about countless shops, museums, restaurants, parties and night clubs. The New York's population has long ago exceeded 19 million people, and there is no such diversity of culture, entertainment, business and commerce in the US, just like here.

Doesn't matter, whether you are local, or if you've come to NYC for the first time, here no one never gets bored!

Need a company?

That’s no secret, that New York is number 1 place to go, if you are looking for the highest class female companion. It's quite easy to get lonely, even in one of the largest and craziest cities in the world like NYC. That's why New York has lots of escort ladies to offer.

No one knows for sure, how many escorts are there in New York. But it won't be a mistake to say, that there are thousands of them. That's why men have lots of options who to spend their quality time with.

However, several years ago you could find escorts on the streets, in night clubs, hotels, or just in a newspaper.

The most popular places to find a female companion at that time were:

  • on 9th Avenue between 33rd and 39th streets near Lincoln Tunnel
  • on Lexington Avenue between 32nd and 33rd streets
  • Murray Hill and Midtown: between 48th and 59th streets, westbound from 5th Avenue
  • Greenwich Village
  • SoHo
  • Lower East Side
  • SoHo
  • Tribeca
  • Chinatown
  • you could even find them in one of the most popular free newspapers in Manhattan - Village Voice (which had around 15-20 pages for adult service ads)

Times have changed

But now, as the society has become so attached to the internet, most escorts prefer to go online, advertising their services.

Of course, there's a high possibility to find a middle-class escort somewhere along the streets of New York, but now that's not an option for everyone, especially for those, looking for VIP companions. Such girls are upscale elite adult service workers every man dreams of. Normally, they post their ads at escort directories looking for clients. Yes, their rates are quite higher, but there's a reasonng behind that: you pay more for an elegant, high-class companion you can thake to any event: a business dinner, restaurant, party, wedding, etc., they are well educated and can keep any conversation going; whith such a girl you can travel all over the world, introduce to your friends without being ashamed, as there's a 100% possibility, that she will look like a supermodel.

Why do escorts choose internet?

On average, New York escorts have around 100 thousand clients a day, but, unfortunately, robberies and violance are no exception. Hence, finding clients through internet has turned out to be much safer of an option.

Internet is much more convinient. isn't it? Instead of walking along the steets, looking for a girl to spend your time with, you can do it online, without even leaving your appartament.

New York is such a diverse city, just think about how many ethnic and cultural groups have mixed here. NY escorts are not limited to americans. Girls travel here from all over the world to experience life and it's colours. By the way, the huge number of NYC call girls are foreign students, for them becoming a high class escort is one of the best options to earn money. That's why if someone's willing to find European, Asian, Latina, Indian, or Russian escort in the Big Apple, there is no problem with that.