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Modified: January 29, 2021
Listing Type : Escort girl
Type : Brunette
Location : San Jose
Ethnicity : Native american
Sexual orientation : Bisexual
Height (ft/in) : 5/6
Age : 27
Gender : Female
Hair Color : Wild
Eye Color : Blue
Affiliation : Independent
Available to : Men
Weight (lbs) : 119
Bust (in) : 36
Cup : c
Waist (in) : 25
Hips (in) : 36
Hair length : Short
Build : Slim
Agree for : outcall, incall

It’s a four-letter word now, but you can call me a materialist.  I love Things. The curves of an early 20th century pendant as much as the contours of a woman’s hips. The glint in silky lingerie as much as the glimmer in a man’s eye. Life is rich of beautiful moments. Transcendent forms and colors combinations too. I consider myself a magpie, in that I’m drawn to what shines, and bold enough to pluck from life the most provoking experiences. I want to create something that’s uniquely you and I, there is nothing else, and nothing in between. The striking pop of the fern-studded earth after the rains; the quick intake of breath at an unanticipated touch. The hastiness of your fingers as they stumble towards the clasps that keep my body moored in negligee. 

A hedonist by definition, I define myself as a seeker of the sweet. I find most stimulating the things that cause our eyebrows to purse, our eyelids to flutter, and toes to curl. The mind must never be wasted, but so often the body is left in the dust behind. I’m here to awaken you, to remind you what means to be human, and animal. 

As an artist I’m drawn to decorate my slender body with beautiful prints and my hair in rich fantasy colors found in nature, but perhaps not naturally on people. I don’t inspire to look intimidating, on the contrary, i want to be inspiring. Maybe you have some inspiration you can share with me.

As a bisexual woman, finding pleasure in another woman, or a couple together comes naturally to me. Don’t let your nerves stop you from having the sensual experience you desire; life is short.

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